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Supervisory Resources

Dear Supervisors,

Thank you again for hosting our Counseling students this semester!

I am writing to share with you a resource that we hope you find helpful. We (RIC) have created a series of brief videos on supervision (models, giving feedback, and other best practices). All together, they are about 1 hour of viewing time. We are providing these as a resource for those of you who would like to learn more about supervision. Thanks to RIMHCA we can offer 1.0 free CEUs to any LMHCs who complete the videos and pass a short quiz (8/10 = passing). For those who would like to redeem a CEU, please email a copy of your results (which will be automatically sent to you when you submit quiz) to Karen St Lawrence at who will follow up with you.

To access the supervision videos, please click here and scroll down to RIC Counseling Program Supervision Series. You will find all four short videos, a link to the quiz, and a reminder of where to send results of passing the quiz.

Also just a reminder of our orientation to the program presentation, which is on the same website. When you’ve viewed this, we appreciate you clicking the link to attest to having completed it.

We hope you find this resource helpful. Thank you again for your support of our students!

Best, Kalina

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